Peach - Beef & Tripe Mixtape

Some things are true. Peach is: a husband, a friend, a rapper, a solid touch football player, a bad (though passionate) cricketer, a journalist, a lawyer (srs!), a blogger, a former radio host, and - despite the feminine moniker... a guy. Plus, he's just finished a mixtape that he'd like to share with you for free.1

In 2004, Peach began battle-rapping. In 2006, Peach began winning battles. In 2008, Peach kind of got over battles. Luckily, he then got to make some songs with Sydney DJ/remixer extraordinaire Mailer Daemon and one with the super-great Catcall. Both efforts were played extensively on Sydney's FBi 94.5, and the one with Catcall was played intermittently on national broadcaster JJJ. At that time he was also a part of Rapaport's Sketch the Rhyme alongside P Smurf, and Jeswon and Tuka (Thundamentals). And he played live with Mailer Daemon as Mailer Peach.

On 11 October 2008, Peach met up with Fame (from Overproof) and Shag (from being total blood brothers) and began to cut up songs and make them into rap beats.2 They made use of: Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, M.O.P., Expatriate, Roisin Murphy, Amanda Blank, that CSS remix of Lykke Li's Little Bit and more (more! Seriously, they're all on the tape). Then the three men got pretty pumped about making a tape that would "change rap".3 After that, Shag and Peach got wasted, and Fame did some masterful arranging. Fame also wrote a killer verse.

Eventually, the tape got finished and Zine Boss 16Tacos/Tilted Page/Jon "Ritchie" Valenzuela was generous enough to contribute the exceptional cover art.

Peach hopes you enjoy listening as much as he enjoys: i) beef and tripe soup, and ii) rapping.

1 Which, by the way, is the whole point of this press release.
2 Which, also by the way, is not stealing. Using the word "steal" is unnecessarily emotive (and, anyway, inaccurate) when talking about copyrights and music. "You wouldn't steal a song!" No, you wouldn't. You wouldn't because it is impossible. What you might do is deprive the copyright owner of its right to exclusive use of that song. That's what happened here.
3 As an aside: they kind of succeeded.

Peach - Beef & Tripe Mixtape
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